A Comprehensive Approach to Minimize Scarring

Located near the ears, the parotid glands are one of the major salivary glands and are the most common location for salivary gland tumors. Most parotid tumors are benign, though some tumors can become cancerous if left untreated.

UChicago Medicine physicians are experts in treating both benign and cancerous parotid tumors and offer comprehensive treatment options to effectively remove the tumor. A parotidectomy using a facelift incision is one treatment option we offer to appropriate patients with benign parotid tumors.

This alternative approach effectively removes the tumor, preserves the facial nerve and presents an optimal cosmetic outcome without additional risk of complications.

What is a parotidectomy using a facelift incision?

Commonly, patients undergoing a parotidectomy can experience a change in their appearance due to the type of incision and reconstruction method used.

A parotidectomy using a facelift incision is a comprehensive technique that combines the expertise of our head and neck and plastic surgeons to successfully remove parotid gland tumors with minimal scarring.

During the procedure, your surgeon will perform a facelift incision, which extends behind the ear instead of down into the neck, resulting in a more hidden incision. Once the tumor is removed, dermal fat grafts (fat taken from the abdomen or a muscle flap) are used to reconstruct the symmetry of the face to ensure your appearance is maintained following surgery.

Who are potential candidates?

Our surgeons will carefully evaluate each patient to determine if a parotidectomy using a facelift incision is the best option.

You may be a candidate if:

  • Your tumor is benign
  • Your tumor is in an optimal location based on an evaluation by the head and neck surgeons and plastic surgeons

At UChicago Medicine, our patients benefit from a multidisciplinary team of head and neck surgeons and plastic surgeons who have extensive experience in treating parotid gland tumors using this approach. 

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