UChicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center
researcher pulling frozen specimen out of liquid nitrogen

Cancer research involves the complex study of cellular, genetic and molecular mechanisms that contribute to tumor development. Such research requires sophisticated and costly state-of-the-art technologies. The University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division (BSD) provides shared technologies through core facilities, which provide specialized services in the support of research as well as serving as educational resources for the UChicago community. The availability of shared facilities is also critical for attracting and retaining world-class researchers and clinicians.

Multiple levels of scientific and administrative oversight ensure the continued delivery of optimal state-of-the-art technologies to meet the needs of the research community. Ten of these shared facilities are supported by the Comprehensive Cancer Center through its NCI Cancer Center Support Grant. These facilities are integrated with the other core facilities and include:

Biostatistics Core Facility

Cellular and Tissue-Based Processing cGMP Facility

Center for Research Informatics (CRI) Bioinformatics Core Facility

Cytometry and Antibody Technology Facility

Genomics Core Facility

Human Immunologic Monitoring Facility

Human Tissue Resource Center

Integrated Microscopy Facility

Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource 

Transgenic Mouse Facility

Other Resources:

Human Imaging Research Office (HIRO)

Organoid and Primary Culture Research Core

Metabolomics Platform