The Affordable Care Act is a law that requires all United States citizens and legal residents to have health insurance.

Most people in Illinois can get health insurance from the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace or from the Illinois Medicaid Program. The marketplace has many kinds of health care plans for you and your family to choose. All plans cover prescriptions, hospital stays, doctor visits, preventive care (services that keep you healthy like shots and screening tests) and more.

Being sick cannot keep you from getting insurance. You cannot be turned down or charged more for health insurance because you have a serious illness or disease (pre-existing condition).

Our Insurance Plans

The University of Chicago Medicine participates in a large number of health insurance products and plans. Please check the following lists to see if we accept your insurance.

We accept the following exchange or health insurance marketplace plans:

Individual/Exchange Plans UChicago Medicine Ingalls
Aetna CVS: ChicagoLand Illinois HMO
Aetna CVS: ChicagoLand Illinois PPO (new plan for 2024)
Ambetter HMO
BCBS Blue Choice Preferred PPO [BCE]
BCBS Blue FocusCare HMO [BFC]
BCBS Blue Precision HMO [BAV]
Y*  Y
BCBS BlueCare Direct with Advocate HMO [BHD]
Cigna Connect HMO
Oscar Health Choice
Oscar Health Select


N-Not Contracted

*Specialty care only with referral; No primary care

**Y, patients can have UCMC PCP. If PCP not at UCMC, specialists w/referrals only

We participate in the following transplant network plans: 

  • Aetna
  • AIG Medical
  • American Health Holding
  • Blue Distinction Centers for Transplant (BDCT)
  • Cigna LifeSource
  • Community Healthcare System
  • General Electric
  • Interlink
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Optum
  • Southeastern Indiana Health Organization (SIHO)
  • Tethys Health Ventures
  • USA Network
  • Zing Health (Medicare Advantage Plan) 

Our list of accepted insurance providers is subject to change at any time. You should contact your insurance company to confirm UChicago Medicine participates in their network before scheduling your appointment. Your insurance plan's customer service representatives can also help you verify your benefits, out-of-pocket costs and coverage. If you have questions regarding your insurance benefits at UChicago Medicine, please contact our financial counseling team at