Bringing the Forefront to the Bedside

UChicago Medicine nurse-scientists engage in clinical and translational research to improve care at the bedside and outcomes beyond the hospital. Engaging with physicians and scientists from a variety of disciplines at UChicago Medicine, as well as the South Side Chicago community that we serve, our nursing research team generates knowledge in fields that span the continuum of care and supports processes to deliver optimal healthcare and reduce disparities.

Research Leadership

Nicole L. Bohr, PhD, RN
Manager, Nursing Research; Research Associate, Department of Surgery

Dr. Nicole Bohr’s program of research focuses on the impact of social determinants of health on self-management, treatment and outcomes in vascular disease. She has a broad background in clinical research, including specific training and expertise in statistical analysis, and clinical expertise in vascular disease and pain. Dr. Bohr joined UChicago Medicine in 2017 as a nurse-scientist focused on promoting research and evidence-based practice in the hospital setting. As the Manager of Nursing Research, she now works to bring nursing insight and knowledge to UChicago Medicine’s cutting edge research.

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Areas of Focus 

UChicago Medicine nursing research is focusing on the following areas:

  • Healthcare disparities. The nursing research team conducts high quality research to understand and alleviate inequities in healthcare and to ensure the provision of exceptional healthcare without exception.
  • Social determinants of health. Researchers are examining how the conditions in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship and age impact a wide range of health outcomes.
  • Symptom science. Nurse-scientists are developing and testing interventions to alleviate distressful and burdensome symptoms in both the acute setting and for those with chronic conditions. Populations of interest include pediatric patients and patients with vascular diseases, such as aortic dissection and peripheral artery disease.
  • Translation of research evidence. Researchers apply their findings to how care is delivered to provide the highest quality patient outcomes and to transform nursing practice.