UChicago Medicine celebrates historic triple transplants

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It was a time to recognize those who helped make history at U Chicago Medicine. A gathering after two successful back to back triple transplants were performed on patients Sarah McFarlane and Daru Smith. And it couldn't have happened without the dedicated doctors, nurses, and staff at U Chicago Medicine.
This is hopefully something that you will treasure, that you'll be able to tell your children, your grandchildren, members of your family that this was something extraordinarily difficult, extremely impactful on people's lives, and that you played a significant role in making it happen.
It's a rare moment for staff to take a step back in their busy schedules to recognize their accomplishment.
When we dispense our product in millions and millions of intensely personal interactions every day, that came together within 27 hours in our institution and changed the lives of these two patients and their families, and I would argue has changed the lives of everybody here. So I hope you all remember this as a memorable event in the course of your career and your time here at the University of Chicago Medicine.
In the end, it's celebrating U Chicago Medicine's commitment to its patients, as Dr. Nir Uriel expressed in a letter from one of the patients families.
"But know if you work in any way at this hospital, you're making a significant difference in the lives of your patient and their families you meet. We love you all. Never forget your importance and what an amazing contribution you are to do well deserved reputation to this amazing hospital. With love and respects, the McFarlane family."

After making history, doctors and staff at UChicago Medicine recognize the dedicated team that contributed to two successful back-to-back triple transplants.

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