​Severe asthma and bronchial thermoplasty Q&A with Dr. Kyle Hogarth

It’s officially spring and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Although the change of seasons is welcome, especially in the Midwest, it brings about a whole new set of problems for those with asthma.

“Are you controlling your asthma, or is your asthma controlling you?” asks Dr. Hogarth, MD, associate professor of medicine who is director of bronchoscopy and minimally invasive diagnostics at the University of Chicago Medicine.

To help asthmatics figure out the answer to that question, Hogarth discussed the effects of asthma, what makes asthma severe and potential treatment options, including his specialty of bronchial thermoplasty during a recent Facebook Live.

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D. Kyle Hogarth, MD

D. Kyle Hogarth, MD, is an expert in pulmonary diseases — including lung cancer and alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency. He is an expert in the minimally invasive diagnosis, management and staging of lung cancer through bronchoscopy. He is a leader in advanced bronchoscopy using electromagnetic navigation systems that employ 3D imaging technology to detect and biopsy lung nodules and masses.

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