At The Forefront Live: Men's Wellness

Men's wellness often focuses on urology issues, but it can encompass much more than erectile dysfunction and incontinence concerns. Sarah Faris, MD, and Omer Raheem, MD, expert urologists, discuss how important the new Men’s Wellness Clinic at UChicago Medicine, which provides comprehensive men's health, including cardiovascular, endocrinology, fertility and cancer support services.
Sarah Faris, MD

Sarah Faris, MD

Sarah Faris, MD, is a highly skilled urologic surgeon who specializes in a wide range of male and female urologic conditions. With a primary focus on male and female reconstructive urologic surgery,

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Omer Raheem, MD, urologist

Omer Raheem, MD

Omer Raheem, MD, is a board-certified urologist specializing in men’s sexual health and male infertility. Dr. Raheem leads the Men's Wellness Clinic at UChicago Medicine River East.

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