Innovating Liver Cancer Treatment: Expert Q&A

Cancer that begins in the liver typically affects individuals who already have advanced liver disease or cirrhosis, usually as a result of hepatitis B or C, alcoholic liver disease or fatty liver disease. Because patients are battling two competing diseases — advanced liver disease and liver cancer — care and treatment is complex and requires an experienced team.

Hepatologist Dr. Anjana Pillai, radiologist Dr. Carla Harmath, and vascular and interventional radiologist, Dr. Osman Ahmed, discuss the Liver Tumor Program at UChicago Medicine and how imaging and intervention can help improve survival rates for patients living with liver cancer.

Liver Cancer Treatment

The UChicago Medicine Liver Tumor Program brings together specialists from our cancer and digestive disease programs to provide care for patients with primary liver cancer as well as bile duct cancer and benign tumors of the liver.

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