At the University of Chicago Medicine, we provide the most advanced care for rheumatic and autoimmune diseases. Our physicians are involved in critical research on these diseases, looking at genetic and biochemical markers. Knowledge of rheumatic diseases is growing, and better treatments are becoming available that can improve quality of life while limiting pain and other symptoms.

More than 100 rheumatic and autoimmune diseases exist, and many can be difficult to diagnose and manage. Our regionally and nationally respected rheumatologists regularly care for patients with both rare and common disorders, including:

Successful management of rheumatic and autoimmune diseases often requires a comprehensive approach that may include prescription medicine, joint surgery and/or physical and occupational therapy. In addition, when rheumatic diseases affect the heart or other organs, other physician specialists need to be consulted. One of the benefits of seeking care at an academic medical center like UChicago Medicine is that all the experts you need are readily available and regularly consult with each other.