If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, you’re likely experiencing a mix of emotions. One of them might be anxiety over how cancer and cancer treatment may affect your ability to have children.

If you’re a cancer survivor, you may also be dealing with fertility challenges, such as ovarian failure or decreased sperm production. Regardless of where you are in your cancer journey, our University of Chicago Medicine oncofertility experts offer streamlined consultations and advanced options to address your reproductive health concerns and help you become a parent.

What is oncofertility?

Oncofertility brings together experts in cancer treatment and reproductive health. Having a child after cancer can be safe — and new treatments make it possible.

At the University of Chicago Medicine, we understand that our patients may have fertility concerns before and after cancer treatment. Our oncofertility experts also know that when dealing with cancer, patients follow strict protocols with treatment at specific time frames. In many cases, there’s only a brief opportunity to deal with fertility issues before cancer treatment must begin. This is why our specialists are ready to intervene quickly to help you preserve your fertility and begin treatment with peace of mind.

Preserving Fertility Before and During Cancer Treatment

At UChicago Medicine, our specialists provide coordinated care for people seeking to preserve their fertility. Some, like embryo and egg banking, may be timely options before starting cancer treatment.

Becoming a Parent After Cancer Treatment

If you have survived cancer and are considering having a child, our team can help you decide if now is the right time, depending on your health and the type of cancer treatment you received. Our UChicago Medicine oncofertility specialists can help you understand your options and work together to coordinate your care.

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