The University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital’s expert team of orthopaedic surgeons understand that because no two children are alike, no pediatric orthopaedic conditions is the same. This is why our goal is to provide unique, personalized care for each child. Each treatment plan will take into account any symptoms, pain level, lost mobility/functionality, quality of life and long-term management concerns when making recommendations to ensure that we are offering the best care for your child's specific needs. Our treatment plans can include one or more of the following therapies:


Physical and Occupational Therapy

Our physical and occupational specialists can help children of all ages improve their mobility, flexibility, range of motion and more. Each child’s progress, speed and educational information will be personalized based on the goals discussed with you and your child before starting.

Serial Casting

We use serial casting for children who have a condition where certain muscles and joints lack vital range of motion. Serial casting is recommending for condition such as:

  • Toe-walking and ankle contractures
  • Knee flexion contractures
  • Clubfoot

Surgical Options

Fracture fixation

This can be used when your child has broken a bone. There are a variety of methods used to stabilize broken bones, including pins, plates and screws, and internal rods. The implants keep the bones in a proper alignment while the body heals the broken bone.


An osteotomy is procedure where a bone is cut and reattached in a different position or shape. It is used when joints and bones are abnormal or deformed, with limited functionality. By cutting/altering the bone position and/or shape, we can correct any issues and allow the bone and surrounding joints to work better.

Limb Length Difference

When a child has an difference in the length of his/her limbs that is more than a two inches difference, we may recommend limb length procedures to help equalize limb length and provide good mobility and functionality to both limbs. Procedures to alter limb length include epiphysiodesis and limb lengthening. Epiphysiodesis is a procedure where growth is purposefully slowed on the longer limb. Limb lengthening is a complex procedure using specialized internal and/or external implants to gradually lengthen a limb.

Reconstructive Surgery

By combining our expertise, orthopaedic and plastic surgeons work together to perform complex reconstructive surgery for hand/arm and foot/leg deformities.

Spine Surgery

We use surgery to treat more severe scoliosis, kyphosis and other spine conditions. The spine is loosened up with a series of releases that increase the flexibility of the spine. The spine is then fused in an improved position using rods and screws in order to keep the spine straighter while it heals. Our pediatric spine patients receive coordinated multidisciplinary care from our pediatric anesthesiologists, neurophysiologists, pediatric intensivists and pediatric orthopedic surgeons to ensure a successful surgery and recovery in and out of the hospital.

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