Acute and chronic pediatric conditions include a wide rage of joint, bone, muscle, ligament or tendon issues from common injuries and pains to more severe, long-term issues.

Acute injuries are typically caused by trauma or damage to the body that results in pain, swelling or injury that can be treated and typically result in full recovery of function, motion and activity. Alternatively, an orthopaedic condition becomes chronic when your child has been feeling pain, discomfort or loss of motion for three or more months.

The University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital pediatric orthopaedic specialists are experts in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions common in children. Depending on what type of injury your child has experience and the severity os the issue, we can determine what therapies would be ideal to meet his/her specific needs.

Acute and Chronic Pediatric Conditions We Treat

Common Treatments for Acute and Chronic Conditions

  • RICE (rest, ice the area, compressions to the injury and elevate the sore limb)
  • Physical therapy to expand mobility and flexibility
  • Anti-inflammatory medication to manage the pain and swelling
  • Splint or Brace to rest the limb and allow it to heal without further damage
  • Surgery may be recommended if the condition does not heal properly