An Express Expert Cancer Opinion (EECO) virtual session is a 15-minute appointment with a UChicago Medicine cancer specialist at no cost to you. Learn more about the program below.

Call 1-855-702-8222 to schedule an Express Expert Cancer Opinion.

EECO sessions are a 10-15 minute conversation with an oncologist who specializes in your type of cancer.

The EECO session is meant to be an initial brief introduction with one of our expert oncologists, who will answer questions and discuss treatment options offered at UChicago Medicine that may be right for you.

We will schedule your session to occur with either a video or phone session within 24-48 hours of your request.

Yes. EECO sessions are an additional option designed to first introduce you to one of our expert oncologists. In a single phone call, you can choose to schedule only an EECO session, or you can schedule an EECO session as well as a comprehensive new patient visit that will occur within 5-10 business days from your request.

Yes. You can choose to have an EECO session by phone or video. You can also choose to have an in-person visit however that is not guaranteed within 48 hours.
Any medical records from facilities outside of UChicago Medicine are preferred for the EECO session, but not required to be seen. If after the EECO session you’d like to have your care at UChicago Medicine, we will need to obtain your permission to collect the necessary records to develop a personalized treatment plan for you.
Not necessarily. The oncologist you speak with during your EECO session may continue to coordinate your cancer care, or he/she may refer you to another UChicago Medicine specialist if needed.
You may schedule a new patient visit with the oncologist of your choice. However, that appointment may not be within 48 hours of contacting us.
EECO sessions are specifically for those who would like a brief video introduction to an oncologist who is expert in your type of cancer. If you prefer an in-person visit, we will schedule you for a comprehensive consultation within 5-10 business days of your request.
No, your new patient visit will not be delayed. Whenever you decide to have an in-person visit, you will be seen and treated by a UChicago Medicine cancer specialist who is an expert in your type of cancer.
Following your EECO session, you will be contacted by a member of our healthcare team to coordinate and schedule your next session, collecting necessary medical records and arranging for any additional testing.
Patient Guide: Tips for a Successful Video Visit

Video visits are similar to in-office visits, but instead of traveling to see your doctor, you can video chat with them from home. Our care providers can assess your symptoms, make a diagnosis, recommend treatment and send prescriptions to your pharmacy.

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