Kay McLeod, PhD, and lab team
Kay MacLeod, PhD, is chair of the Committee on Cancer Biology.

The University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division allows promising scientists to build the base of knowledge needed to pursue a career in cancer studies with the following seven graduate education programs.

Graduate Education Programs

The University of Chicago Breast Cancer Disparities Training Program offers master’s and PhD students training for careers aimed at understanding and addressing breast cancer disparities. Funded by a Graduate Training in Disparities Research grant from Susan G. Komen, students selected for support will gain complementary experience and perspective focused on the clinical, community, and policy issues contributing to breast cancer disparities.

Director: M. Eileen Dolan, PhD

Contact: Michelle Domecki

The Committee on Cancer Biology offers an interdisciplinary program of studies leading to either a PhD degree in Cancer Biology or postdoctoral training in preparation for research and teaching in this field. The overall objective of the CCB and its training program is to provide graduate students with multidisciplinary and integrated training in the basic biological sciences related to cancer research.

Chair: Kay Macleod, PhD

Contact: Laura Negrete

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The Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition is a dynamic and interactive research unit of the University of Chicago, offering interdisciplinary doctoral training in the molecular basis of biological processes as they relate to metabolic homeostasis, nutritional status and human disease. The Committee collaborates with the Digestive Disease Research Core Center and Kovler Diabetes Center.

Chair: Matthew Brady, PhD

Contact: Laura Negrete

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The Committee on Immunology offers a graduate program of study leading to the PhD in Immunology, as well as an undergraduate specialization in Immunology and courses for medical students. The training also integrates the basic biological sciences with the clinical sciences in an effort to develop new immunological approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of various immune diseases and cancer.

Chair: Alexander Chervonsky, MD, PhD

Contact: Amber Chatellier

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The Committee on Medical Physics offers a program to provide aspiring medical physicists with the knowledge that they will need in their future profession. The program leads mainly to the Doctor of Philosophy degree with emphasis on research that provides preparation for careers in academia, industry and/or clinical support roles. Occasionally, the program grants Master of Science degrees.

Chair: Samuel Armato III, PhD

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The PhD program in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Chicago offers advanced courses of study in biostatistics, epidemiology and health services research, foundational fields in Public Health. The Department also offers a masters program for clinical professionals (MSCP) designed for the professional enhancement of individuals who already have doctoral-level experience in medicine and related clinical disciplines.

PhD Program Director: Brandon Pierce, PhD

Masters Program Director: Diane Lauderdale, PhD

Contact: Michele Thompson, Graduate Student Affairs Administrator

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A PhD program in genetics is offered by the Committee on Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology. The Committee offers training in sophisticated modern genetic analysis combined with genetic-based strategies for formulating and addressing scientific questions in the context of physiological, developmental and evolutionary systems. The program is supported by an NIH training grant and consists of faculty from 17 different departments.

Chair: Marcelo Nobrega, PhD

Contact: Sue Levison, Graduate Program Administrator

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