Groundbreaking new device helps correct Chicago man’s severe bow legs

Charles Jefferson OrthoSpin
Charles Jefferson after receiving robotic orthopaedic surgery to correct his bow leg deformity.
In high school, Charles Jefferson’s severe bow leg didn’t stop him from playing football and wrestling. But as he got older, the curve in his right leg became more severe, causing terrible leg and knee pain. It became nearly impossible for him to work.

Shortly after his 23rd birthday, Jefferson went to see University of Chicago Medicine orthopaedic surgeon Aravind Athiviraham, MD. He referred Jefferson to his colleagues who specialize in bone deformities and orthopaedic trauma.

The orthopaedic team agreed that Jefferson’s bow leg was one of the worst they've ever seen and they proposed using a groundbreaking new technology called OrthoSpin to straighten his leg.

UChicago Medicine became the first hospital in the Midwest and only the third hospital in the U.S. to use this robotic
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