Pritzker's Class of 2019 meets its Match

Pritzker Class of 2019 Match Day
On the morning of Friday, March 15, nervous and excited members of Pritzker School of Medicine’s Class of 2019 gathered in an auditorium on the University of Chicago campus for Match Day. Every year on the third Friday in March, the National Resident Matching Program releases hard-earned and long-awaited results to graduating medical students seeking training positions in the U.S.

Before the big moment, the Pritzker class applauded their teachers and advisors and thanked the family and friends who supported them. Then, at 11 a.m., all eyes were on the students. They simultaneously tore open their Match Day envelopes and learned where they would go for residency. A chorus of cheers and congratulations filled the packed room.

The most popular specialties chosen by Pritzker’s 81 matching students are internal medicine (17 students), followed by pediatrics and psychiatry (9 each), emergency medicine (8), family medicine (7) and obstetrics and gynecology (6).

The students — who had come to Pritzker from all across the country — will start residencies in 20 states. Eighteen will stay at the University of Chicago Medicine for all or part of their training, and 8 are headed to Northwestern. Other hospitals and health systems accepting several Pritzker applicants include the University of California (8), Harvard (6), and Columbia, University of Minnesota, University of Washington and Yale University (3 each).