Along with providing the highest level of patient care, the physicians and researchers at the Center for Arrhythmia Care have a strong commitment to research. Our team performs leading-edge basic, clinical and translational research to improve treatment methods and overall outcomes for patients with arrhythmias.

By integrating our clinical expertise with our research-driven philosophy, we are constantly working towards discovering new therapies that will prevent arrhythmias and enhance patient care. Our nationally recognized and National Institute of Health (NIH)-funded physician-scientists have developed experimental models of atrial fibrillation to investigate molecular mechanisms and to develop novel treatment strategies for this debilitating disease.

Our unique scientific approach enables us to transform basic, translational research into bedside care through our innovative clinical trials. With these clinical trials, we can offer our patients access to the newest treatments and technology before they are widely available. Currently, our team has numerous research projects and trials in progress, including:

  • Developing a totally subcutaneous implantable defibrillator to prevent sudden cardiac death
  • Using cardiac resynchronization pacing therapy for patients with mild to moderate heart failure
  • Implementing novel therapies for patients with atrial fibrillation that are being evaluated include new direct thrombin inhibitors to prevent stroke
  • Examining the efficacy of new medications on improving heart rhythm disorders
  • Investigating the use of remote monitoring of devices for patients with heart failure