UChicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center

The University of Chicago Cancer Foundation Board of Trustees, which includes distinguished philanthropists, representatives of other foundations, as well as presidents of the UCCRF subsidiary boards, builds a strong culture of philanthropy and promotes all modalities of fundraising to ensure that the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s researchers achieve their aspirations.

The board advocates on behalf of the Cancer Center to increase its visibility locally, regionally, and nationally and to enhance the center’s public image as a leader in cancer research and patient care; supports the dean of UChicago Medicine and director of the Cancer Center on key institutional initiatives and recruits; and maintains strong and vibrant boards.


  • Susan Barrera
  • Margaret Benjamin
  • Charles Brooks
  • Young Chung
  • Annemette Clausen
  • Debra Cohen
  • Cheryl Coleman
  • Kim Duchossois
  • Thomas Duckworth
  • Wende Fox Lawson
  • Mark Levy
  • Virginia Thomas
  • Justin Ullman
  • Scott Vogg
  • Suzanne Zaccone

Honorary Trustees

  • Stanford Goldblatt
  • Ruth Ann Gillis McGuinnis
  • Lori Ovitz
  • Barton Tretheway

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