University of Chicago Medicine Use and Sharing of Personal Information

At the University of Chicago Medicine (UCM), we believe in trust and being open when it comes to how we use and share personal information. The information we use supports our 3-part mission of healthcare, research, and education. Please know that we will only use or share your personal information when necessary. We follow the law and all regulations about the use and sharing of your personal information.


We follow HIPAA Privacy and Security rules to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI). We make sure that PHI is only used for treatment, payment, healthcare operations, and research as stated in the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) or in compliance with other laws and regulations.

For Example: To provide care to you, we may share your PHI, for example your diagnosis, when working with your other non-UCM doctors.  We may use your PHI to bill your insurance company and be paid.

We may use PHI to improve the quality of our programs and provide you better service. UCM may also use information to offer you health services. 

Only staff with job-related reasons can see and access your PHI. At UCM, accessing a patient’s PHI for any unauthorized reason is strictly prohibited. Policies and procedures are in place to deal with any possible unauthorized access, use or sharing of PHI.


We follow all laws that apply for Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This is for our employees or possible candidates for employment. We follow the law when dealing with recruitment, onboarding, performance assessments, or any other employment-related activities. Employee PII can only be seen by authorized personnel and only used for business purposes.

For Example: When a person applies for a job, the PII you provide will be used to decide on possible employment.

We keep or destroy PII for the retention period as required by law for persons who are no longer an employee or who apply but do not become employees.


Research at UCM is done to advance knowledge. Any identifiable information (information that shows who a person is) that is used for research is approved by the Institutional Review Board.

For Example: UCM researchers may see your medical information to contact you and see if you want to take part in research. People who consent to take part in research can opt-out at any time. We may use non-identifiable information for research.


UCM educates and trains clinical and non-clinical students. Information we collect and keep on students or observers can be seen by staff who help plan education programs.

For Example: UCM has agreements with schools to train clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals.

For international clinical observers, when applying to UCM, we explain in writing with the application how information is collected and used. We keep or destroy this type of information as stated within the notice.


UCM may contact you to raise money for our programs and services. You may opt out of fundraising notices, calls, or emails at any time. This does not affect your care or how we contact you about other activities at UCM, such as healthcare or research.

For Example: You may get a letter inviting you to a UCM fundraising event that benefits our programs or services.

Consumer (persons interested in services we offer)

We collect and use information given to us for marketing purposes as stated in the UCM Digital Services Terms of Use and Website Privacy Policy. This information is used to tell people about services we offer. Consumers may get marketing materials based on information that has been provided to us.

For Example: You may get marketing materials in the mail about new locations, providers, or other services offered by UCM.

Consumers may opt out at any time. This does not affect your care or how we contact you about other activities at UCM, such as healthcare or research.

The University of Chicago Medicine Privacy Program is here for any questions you have. Call 773-834-9716 or email us at

Updated April 2024