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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers

Published Tue 3/24/20

University of Chicago Medicine medical oncologist Sonali M. Smith, MD, and gynecologic oncologist Nita Karnik Lee, MD, MPH, answer questions about coronavirus for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.


In Sync: The importance of the doctor-patient relationship

Published Tue 3/6/18

Erin Drain, a 32-year-old regional sales manager, could feel her heartbeat in her chest ever since she was a teenager. It wasn't until she came to the University of Chicago Medicine and met with Roderick Tung, MD, for a second opinion on a heart ablation procedure that she was able to be completely cured.


Courage and innovation: Celebrating heart transplantation gala

Published Fri 3/9/18

More than 400 people, including 120 heart transplant recipients, gathered at the Museum of Science and Industry in late February to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first successful human heart transplant.


Managing Kids' Asthma and Allergies During Stressful Times

Published Fri 7/24/20

B. Louise Giles, MD, and Ruchi Singla, MD, discuss managing kids’ asthma and allergies during these stressful times.


Connections between autism spectrum disorders and seizures during COVID-19

Published Mon 6/1/20

UChicago Medicine epileptologist Emily Doll, MD, and behavioral and developmental specialist Peter Joseph Smith, MD, discuss specialized care options for kids with autism spectrum disorders or seizures during COVID-19.


At The Forefront Live: Vascular Disease Questions and Answers

Published Wed 2/19/20

Chicago Medicine vascular surgeon Chelsea Dorsey, MD, joins interventional cardiologist Jonathan D. Paul, MD, and vascular and interventional radiologist Osman Ahmed, MD, to discuss how to detect, treat and prevent a variety of vascular diseases.


At The Forefront Live: Understanding and Treating Irregular Heartbeat

Published Fri 2/7/20

Heart rhythm specialists Roderick Tung, MD, and Andrew Beaser, MD, discuss the diagnosis and management of heart rhythm disorders, or arrhythmias.


At the Forefront Live: Epilepsy Awareness and Research

Published Fri 10/25/19

Susan Axelrod, the Founding Chair of CURE, joined neurologists Douglas Nordli, Jr., MD and James Tao, MD, PhD to discuss the advances in epilepsy research and the search for a cure.


At the Forefront Live: Robotic Heart Surgery

Published Thu 2/7/19

Renowned robotic cardiac surgeon Husam Balkhy, MD, discusses the benefits of robotic heart procedures.


At the Forefront Live: Chest Pain Q&A

Published Fri 2/28/20

Chest pain is a key symptom of coronary heart disease, the most common type of heart disease that kills 370,000 annually. Interventional cardiologists Sandeep Nathan, MD, and John Blair, MD, discuss chest pain's causes and treatments.