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Why get the HPV vaccine?

Published Fri 11/2/18

Gynecologic oncologist Nita Karnik Lee talks about what the HPV vaccine protects against and why the FDA recently changed its advice on who should get it.


Pap tests: Understand the latest guidelines

Published Mon 6/1/20

Pap tests are an important part of your routine healthcare. Gynecologist Katrina Lee, MD, helps you navigate the latest guideline recommendations.


Retiree lives pain-free after minimally invasive spine surgery

Published Wed 7/1/15

Most days you can find Keith Affeld working in his yard or tinkering with his 1940 Chevy sedan. Having worked in a steel mill for 43 years, he is no stranger to the rigors of physical labor. At 65, he still mows his own lawn. “Throughout my career I’ve done a lot of lifting, turning, twisting, climbing and hammering, never suffering from more than a minor muscular backache,” he explained. However, that all changed in October 2014, when Affeld reached down to pick a weed from his wife’s flower garden.


A sisterhood of cancer survivors lead each other on a path to advocacy

Published Mon 1/13/20

A two-day training allows survivors of cervical cancer to turn their personal experiences with cancer into advocacy to help others.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers

Published Tue 3/24/20

University of Chicago Medicine medical oncologist Sonali M. Smith, MD, and gynecologic oncologist Nita Karnik Lee, MD, MPH, answer questions about coronavirus for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.


Study shows Narcissistic Personality Disorder may have a biological component

Published Wed 4/29/20

A study led by University of Chicago Medicine psychiatrist and personality disorder specialist Royce Lee, MD, found there may be a biological component to Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


5 simple steps to a heart-healthy lifestyle

Published Mon 7/20/20

University of Chicago Medicine cardiologist Amita Singh, MD, shares five steps to help patients form heart-healthy lifestyle habits.


Hybrid cardiac ablation stabilizes man's heart rhythm

Published Fri 2/7/20

When Californian Shawn Carter recurring ventricular tachycardia (VT) became life-threatening, he was airlifted to UChicago Medicine for a totally endoscopic robotic epicardial ablation with electrophysiologist Roderick Tung, MD and cardiac surgeon Husam Balkhy, MD.


Roderick Tung, MD, answers questions about radiofrequency ablation

Published Tue 11/7/17

Why come to UChicago Medicine for arrhythmia treatment? Our collaborative spirit, our embrace of innovation and our access to the latest technologies.


Sports medicine specialist treats musicians' soft tissue and tendon damage

Published Sun 5/1/16

Pediatric sports medicine specialist Holly Benjamin, MD, thinks of the young musicians she treats as athletes.