Q&A with leading OB/GYN ultrasound expert Jacques Abramowicz, MD

Published Tue 2/19/19

University of Chicago Medicine obstetrician/gynecologist Jacques Abramowicz, MD, answers questions about the importance of ultrasound medicine.


UChicago Medicine receives American Heart Association’s Comprehensive Hypertension Center certification

Published Mon 12/17/18

For the third time, the University of Chicago Medicine has been awarded the American Heart Association’s Comprehensive Hypertension Center Certification.


Pediatric doctors answer common questions about cold and flu symptoms

Published Wed 1/9/19

Pediatric emergency doctors Princy George, MD, and Alison Tothy, MD, answer common questions about cold and flu.


Jim Schaffer is able to run again after vascular surgeon repairs his aneurysm

Published Mon 11/2/15

Sidelined from competitive running six years ago, the Oswego resident hit his stride at the 2015 University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital RBC Race for the Kids.

Harry Fozzard, MD, 1931-2014

Published Wed 12/17/14

December 17, 2014: Harry A. Fozzard, MD, a pioneer in the study of cardiac muscle activity, passed away in his sleep at his home in Dana, North Carolina, on Tuesday, Dec. 9.


Hybrid approach to heart and cardiovascular treatment speeds golfer's recovery

Published Fri 8/1/14

Although it could mean missing his weekly golf game, Leroy "Rocky" Cooper knew he had to get his heart fixed, and soon. He just had to find a way to get in, get it done, and get out without too much down time.


Elite rower achieves his dreams after back surgery

Published Wed 7/25/18

A pop in his back, followed by excruciating pain. Less than a year after minimally invasive surgery to repair two herniated lumbar discs, University of Chicago crew team member Stu McDonald is headed to China to compete in the 2018 World University Rowing Championships.

Our Gynecologic Cancer Physician Team

Meet UChicago Medicine experts in gynecologic cancer care, including specialists in gynecologic oncology, medical and radiation oncology, pathology and radiology.


How to safely watch the solar eclipse

Published Tue 8/15/17

Staring at the sun – even during a sky-darkening eclipse – requires extra eye safety precautions. Here's how to skygaze safely during the eclipse and a rundown of what can happen if you don't.


Q&A with pediatric epilepsy specialist Chalongchai Phitsanuwong, MD, FAAP

Published Fri 1/19/18

Pediatric neurologist and epileptologist Chalongchai Phitsanuwong, MD, explains how children with epilepsy are diagnosed and treated.