5 simple steps to a heart-healthy lifestyle

Published Mon 7/20/20

University of Chicago Medicine cardiologist Amita Singh, MD, shares five steps to help patients form heart-healthy lifestyle habits.

Adam Lee, DO


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Hybrid cardiac ablation stabilizes man's heart rhythm

Published Fri 2/7/20

When Californian Shawn Carter recurring ventricular tachycardia (VT) became life-threatening, he was airlifted to UChicago Medicine for a totally endoscopic robotic epicardial ablation with electrophysiologist Roderick Tung, MD and cardiac surgeon Husam Balkhy, MD.


Roderick Tung, MD, answers questions about radiofrequency ablation

Published Tue 11/7/17

Why come to UChicago Medicine for arrhythmia treatment? Our collaborative spirit, our embrace of innovation and our access to the latest technologies.


Sports medicine specialist treats musicians' soft tissue and tendon damage

Published Sun 5/1/16

Pediatric sports medicine specialist Holly Benjamin, MD, thinks of the young musicians she treats as athletes.


Marshall Chin, MD, elected to National Academy of Medicine

Published Mon 10/16/17

Dr. Marshall Chin is a general internist with extensive experience caring for both the clinical and social needs of vulnerable patients with chronic disease.


In Sync: The importance of the doctor-patient relationship

Published Tue 3/6/18

Erin Drain, a 32-year-old regional sales manager, could feel her heartbeat in her chest ever since she was a teenager. It wasn't until she came to the University of Chicago Medicine and met with Roderick Tung, MD, for a second opinion on a heart ablation procedure that she was able to be completely cured.


‚ÄčUniversity of Chicago to lead initiative to improve diabetes care in vulnerable, underserved communities in U.S.

Published Fri 1/5/18

The University of Chicago has been selected by the Merck Foundation to play a national leadership role in a $16 million, five-year initiative to improve access to high-quality diabetes care among the most vulnerable and underserved communities throughout the country.


Demystifying heart failure: A Q&A with Sara Kalantari, MD

Published Fri 2/14/20

University of Chicago Medicine cardiologist and heart failure expert Sara Kalantari, MD, explains heart failure, including symptoms, diagnoses, treatments and common misconceptions.

What you need to know about treating varicose veins

Published Tue 11/7/17

"We're board-certified vascular surgeons with state-of-the-art tools have cared for a lot of patients with varicose veins, and we offer a full spectrum of care," said vascular surgeon Ross Milner, MD.