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Web series featuring UChicago’s Marcus Kronforst wins Lisagor Award

Published Thu 7/26/18

Urban Nature, a web series featuring UChicago evolutionary biologist Marcus Kronforst, PhD, has received a Pete Lisagor Award from the Chicago Headline Club.


'Urban Nature' featuring UChicago biologist Marcus Kronforst premieres season two

Published Mon 3/25/19

The digital series explores overlooked ecosystems and hidden wildlife in urban settings around the country.


Explore Urban Nature with biologist Marcus Kronforst and WTTW

Published Mon 3/20/17

In WTTW's new 16-episode digital series Urban Nature, UChicago evolutionary biologist Marcus Kronforst leads audiences on a tour of overlooked ecosys­tems in America's cities.


Asian butterfly populations show different mimicry patterns thanks to genetic 'switch'

Published Wed 1/13/21

New study identifies genetic markers associated with female color pattern polymorphism in the butterfly species Elymnias hypermnestra.


A single genetic switch changes butterfly wing color

Published Thu 10/25/18

Scientists from UChicago use genetic analysis and CRISPR/Cas9 editing to identify a gene that controls wing color mimicry in butterflies.


Monarch butterflies raised in captivity may be worse at migrating south than wild monarchs raised outdoors

Published Thu 8/6/20

New research provides clearer picture of the migration behavior of commercially and wild-derived monarchs and the effects of indoor rearing on ability to fly south.


Monarch butterflies bred in captivity may lose the ability to migrate, study finds

Published Mon 6/24/19

Commercially-bred monarchs are genetically distinct from wild counterparts and do not fly southward, even in offspring raised in natural, outdoor conditions.


Single gene controls variety of wing patterns across butterfly species

Published Mon 9/18/17

Using CRISPR gene editing tools, scientists from several institutions show how the loss of a single gene affects wing patterns across seven different butterfly species

A single gene, doublesex, controls wing mimicry in butterflies

Published Wed 3/5/14

March 5, 2014: A single gene regulates the complex wing patterns, colors and structures required for mimicry in swallowtail butterflies, report scientists from the University of Chicago, March 5 in Nature. Surprisingly, the gene described, doublesex, is already well-known for its critical role in sexual differentiation in insects.


How a “flipped” gene helped butterflies evolve mimicry

Published Wed 11/8/17

A rare genetic inversion 2 million years ago helped Asian swallowtail butterflies develop different wing patterns to disguise themselves from predators