Blood Donation

A safe blood supply saves lives and improves health. A constant supply of blood is necessary for the life-saving treatments needed by many patients here at the University of Chicago Medicine.

Blood Cancers

UChicago Medicine is at the forefront of blood cancer research, clinical trials and treatments for leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

Blood Cancer Risk & Prevention

University of Chicago Medicine physicians are leaders in the study of familial risk for blood cancers (hematologic malignancies).

Bloodless Heart Surgery: Types, Benefits, Conditions

Bloodless cardiac surgery is a safe alternative for patients who cannot receive any blood or blood products. Discover what surgeries we offer, what heart conditions we can treat bloodlessly and the benefits of this technique.

Blood Disorders Conditions & Services

Our pediatric hematologists and oncologists provide the most advanced care available to children of all ages — from infancy to late teens — with all types of blood disorders.

Childhood Anemias & Blood Diseases

Our pediatric hematologists provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and comprehensive treatment for all types of blood disorders that affect children.


Blood transfusion process sees improvements

Published Wed 11/22/17

Ahead of the opening of the new adult level 1 trauma center, UChicago Medicine is revamping its system to make sure critically injured patients who need transfusions get blood faster.

Frequently Asked Questions: Iron and Blood Donation

Frequently asked questions about the impact of donating blood on irons levels.


How high blood pressure affects risk for dementia

Published Wed 9/18/19

Neurologist Shyam Prabhakaran, MD, MS, discusses new research showing how high blood pressure in midlife is linked to a higher risk for dementia.


A protein too big to be ignored as a potential drug target for reversing blood diseases

Published Fri 6/7/19

Research by Ammitha Wickrema, PhD, and team identifies a key protein that could help treat several pre-cancerous blood diseases.