Frequently Asked Questions About the Transplant Optimization Program

Get answers to questions about the Transplant Optimization Program for older adults at UChicago Medicine.

Invasive Bladder Cancer Treatment

Our bladder cancer team specializes in treating invasive bladder cancer, complex cases and high-risk patients, including those who are not surgical candidates due to pre-existing conditions.

Noninvasive Bladder Cancer Treatment

When diagnosed with noninvasive bladder cancer, an early diagnosis is important in eliminating the spread of cancer cells. Our team specializes in removing tumors from the bladder.

Metastatic Bladder Cancer Treatment

Our experts use the latest treatments and innovative clinical trials to manage pain, control symptoms and prevent the progression of metastatic bladder cancer.

Radical Cystectomy

Radical cystectomy is the most effective treatment for invasive bladder cancer. We offer minimally invasive cystectomy and bladder reconstruction that preserves urinary and sexual function.

Solis Mammography

Solis Mammography has partnered with UChicago Medicine to provide its "peace of mind" mammogram at our Orland Park and Chicago River East locations.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Receive innovative care from leading experts in breast reconstruction surgery. Our team of plastic and reconstructive surgeons offer the full spectrum of options and advanced surgical techniques.

Systemic Therapy & Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

UChicago Medicine medical oncologists treat and manage all types of breast cancers, with special expertise in aggressive forms of the disease. We offer the latest medical treatments for breast cancer, including chemotherapy and hormonal, biologic and radiation therapies.

Radiation Oncology for Breast Cancer

UChicago Medicine radiation oncologists are nationally recognized for their expertise and use sophisticated methods and technology to deliver precise treatments that target breast tumors while sparing healthy tissue.

Breast Cancer Surgery

UChicago Medicine surgeons are highly skilled, nationally recognized experts in the latest surgical techniques for breast cancer.