Dr. Sonali Smith in a white coat with her arms crossed facing the camera
Sonali Smith, MD: Undaunted by the challenges of lymphoma

Two decades after committing her career to lymphoma, Sonali Smith, MD, remains devoted to finding better treatments for this complex cancer and bringing them to patients quickly.

Anjana Pillai, MD, in a white coat with her arms crossed facing the camera
Anjana Pillai, MD: On a relentless quest to find answers to liver cancer

UChicago Medicine transplant hepatologist Anjana Pillai's commitment to patients, research and social justice issues has been shaped by her physician father as well as her childhood in India and the U.S.

Afib multi Tung 556 x 290
Roderick Tung, MD: Undaunted by the challenges of arrhythmias

Cardiologist Roderick Tung's commitment to medicine and unstoppable approach to mending hearts stem from his own personal experience with arrhythmia and his dad's experience with cancer.

Susan Cohn, MD, in a white coat facing the camera against a black background
Susan Cohn, MD: An unwavering dedication to helping children with neuroblastoma

A leading authority on neuroblastoma, Susan Cohn, MD, is on a relentless drive to advance the treatment for and care of children with this rare pediatric cancer.

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