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Doctor reviewing brain scans

What to know about brain tumors and brain cancer

Brain tumors are rare, scary and can be quite serious. UChicago Medicine experts Bakhtiar Yamini, MD, and Lauren Singer, MD, discuss how brain tumors and brain cancer are diagnosed and treated.

Man connected to a ventilator

Personalized oxygenation could improve outcomes for patients on ventilators

Researchers used a machine learning model to predict personalized oxygenation targets. Data analysis revealed that mortality rates were lower for patients who received the oxygen level predicted to be most beneficial for them.

Belinda Gray, a patient at UChicago Medicine's transplant weight loss program

Medication-assisted weight loss leads to lifesaving kidney transplant

The ACTNOW transplant weight loss program team helped Chicago native Belinda Gray quickly lose weight to qualify for a kidney transplant.

a box labeled weightloss plus is slightly open to reveal several blue drug injector pens

Research shows GLP-1 receptor agonist drugs are effective but come with complex concerns

Studies from multiple UChicago experts show that while GLP-1RA drugs are extremely effective for weight loss and Type 2 diabetes treatment, there's no one-size-fits-all solution and physicians and patients have to consider issues like cost and side effects.