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Physician recording video on smartphone

Health information on TikTok: The good, the bad and the ugly

UChicago researchers analyzed health information on TikTok to identify trends in video quality — how much misinformation is out there, and does it come from specific sources? Their results shed light on how general audiences can find more trustworthy information, and what health professionals can do to combat misinformation in the digital age.

Tyler Crump, Julie Gruszczynski, Meghan Catenacci and Alexis Small all transitioned from clinical research roles to patient care at UChicago Medicine.

Clinical research roles open doors to healthcare opportunities

Clinical research coordinators (CRCs) serve as essential conduits between patients and cutting-edge clinical trials at the University of Chicago Medicine. For many, their time in research acts as a launch pad into their careers.

Graphic of teen feeling sad and holding their knees

Eating disorders in teens: Warning signs and treatment options for your child

Learn the warning signs and symptoms that could indicate an eating disorder — and how UChicago Medicine's Eating Disorders Program can help.

Transplant patient John Tony Foreman and Rolf Barth MD

Maryland restaurateur undergoes multi-organ transplant at UChicago Medicine

After multiple cardiac surgeries at some of the country’s top hospitals, CEO and Wine Director of the Foreman Wolf restaurants and wine shops Tony Foreman began to experience kidney failure. The transplant team UChicago Medicine took on his complicated case in May 2023 and successfully transplanted his heart and kidney.