'Go to, can do' surgical nurse makes things happen for patients

go to, can do surgical nurse makes things happen for patients

Compassionate. Focused. Delightful. A gem! These are just a few of the words used by colleagues to describe surgical oncology nurse Barbara Gordon, MSN, APN-CNS, OCN.

“It seems no matter how crazy clinic is, and how many different directions she is pulled in, Barb is always willing to take her time to assist another person,” said Julie Luba, new patient intake coordinator in Burr Ridge. “Sheila Coogan, MSN, BSN, RN, describes Gordon as a “go to, can do” person.“

Coogan recalls the story of a patient who asked to change a follow-up appointment with her surgeon so she could attend an important family event. “It wasn’t a simple request: the patient needed lab work, a CT scan and several other services.”

Using her leadership and communication skills, Gordon took charge and rescheduled the patient’s appointments with all of the care teams. “And the patient never knew how many hoops the team jumped through, under Barb’s guidance, to make this happen,” Coogan said.