How to fall (safely) on ice

[MUSIC PLAYING] So the key is to protect things from [? pouring. ?] So avoid falling backwards, because then you can hit your head.


I mean, again, if you're using your arms, you really don't want to go on an outstretched hand because it can then injure your wrist or something. Anything you can do to kind of shorten the distance. So if you kind of squat down, bend your body, have kind of a lower distance to the ground, that will reduce the impact.


The ever-present snow and ice on the ground during the winter can be dangerous. Sports medicine expert Aravind Athiviraham, MD, explains how to fall without seriously hurting yourself.

Aravind Athiviraham

Aravind Athiviraham, MD

A specialist in orthopaedic sports medicine, Aravind Athiviraham, MD, cares for patients with athletic and overuse injuries, including anterior or posterior cruciate ligament tears, meniscus or cartilage injury, patellar or shoulder instability and elbow ulnar collateral ligament tears. He is skilled in minimally invasive and arthroscopic procedures of the knee, shoulder and elbow.

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