Chris Klug, Connie Payton, and Jesse White join University of Chicago transplant celebration

Chris Klug, Connie Payton and Jesse White join University of Chicago transplant celebration

August 27, 2002


To celebrate life after an organ transplant, University of Chicago Hospitals transplant teams and about 200 transplant recipients will host Olympic medallist and liver transplant recipient Chris Klug; Connie Payton, wife of the late Walter Payton; Secretary of State Jesse White; and kidney recipient Dorothy Sheridan, who submitted an essay about how transplant has changed her life that won a national contest sponsored by Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc.


  1. Chris Klug will visit hospitalized pediatric and adult transplant patients.
  2. Dorothy Sheridan will receive the Chris Klug "Seize the Day Award" for her essay.
  3. Connie Payton and Secretary of State Jesse White will honor Klug for his contributions to organ donor awareness.
  4. Transplant recipients will enjoy an outdoor picnic.


Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2002
8:30 a.m. -- Tour of transplant units
10 a.m. -- Program
11:10 a.m. -- Picnic


University of Chicago Children's Hospital (5839 S. Maryland Avenue)


From the award-winning essay by special education teacher Dorothy Sheridan:
"I am now seventy-two years old and working almost every day. My mind is sharper than ever.... I shall be eternally grateful for my new kidney and what it has done for me. I was older than most recipients, but God has a job for me to do."