Ingalls advancing colorectal cancer treatment

Hi, I'm Shelley Burnette and I live in Palos Heights, Illinois. I am 56 years old and I have three children and one grandchild. 

At the time I started on the immunotherapy I was absolutely non-functional. Could not drive my car, was in the hospital for a few months for pain, all as a response to the disease getting worse and to the chemotherapy not working for me. It had just so many bad side effects that I was down for a long time. 

I started on the clinical trials. I have had six treatments as of today. In fact, I just came here right from having a treatment which I could never do when I was on chemo. When that was going on I couldn't drive my car at all. So that's a big deal right there. 

But after four treatments it was like night and day. I remember calling Joy-- my research nurse-- and saying, oh my god I feel like normal. This is the first time in a year and a half that I feel so good. And it's all because of these treatments and the fact that Ingalls works so hard to help their patients get every option that they can even when you feel like you're out of options. 

So after that four treatments I started feeling great. And today I drove myself here even after that last treatment. So I just love the people at Ingalls. The difference there is that the doctors are so caring. 

They really care about their patients. And they'll really try to do everything they can to make you comfortable, give you breaks when you need it. And I'm very happy that I made the decision to go there. 

Well, and then the real miracle came when I had my scan done after the four treatments. And found out that not only did the disease improve overall by 36%, yay! But also that one of the tumors in my liver completely disappeared. 

Now that's a miracle. And that's why I wanted to go to Ingalls. And that's what they can accomplish for you. Thank you so much.