Brentuximab Vedotin and Nivolumab for the Treatment of Patients With Relapsed/Refractory Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma

  • Interventional
  • Recruiting
  • NCT04561206

A Phase 2 Study of Brentuximab Vedotin Plus Nivolumab Without Stem Cell Consolidation in Patients With Relapsed/Refractory Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma

This phase II trial investigates how well brentuximab vedotin and nivolumab work in treating patients with classical Hodgkin lymphoma that has come back after initial treatment (relapsed) or has not responded to initial treatment (refractory). Brentuximab vedotin is a monoclonal antibody, brentuximab, linked to a toxic agent called vedotin. Brentuximab attaches to CD30 positive cancer cells in a targeted way and delivers vedotin to kill them. Nivolumab is an antibody that enhances the immune system to better fight Hodgkin lymphoma cells. Giving brentuximab vedotin and nivolumab may be able to defer stem cell transplant treatment and spare the considerable cost and toxicity on transplantation.