Intervention For AYAS With Cancer Risk Syndromes

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  • NCT04323774

AYA-RISE: Refining a Scalable, Patient- and Family-centered Intervention to Improve Cancer Risk Communication and Decision-making Among Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer Risk Syndromes

This research is being done because there is a need to improve cancer risk communication and decision-making among adolescents and young adults. In this study, the investigators are looking at whether using a chatbot and online portal for cancer risk information helps improve communication and decision-making. - Over 70,000 adolescents and young adults (AYAs) are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. every year and up to 10% have genetic changes (or, mutations) that put them at a higher risk of developing new cancers during their lifetimes. These genetic mutations can result in cancer risk syndromes (such as, Lynch Syndrome or Li-Fraumeni Syndrome). Identifying cancer risk syndromes can allow for screening and early diagnosis of future cancers, which could ultimately save lives and offer more care choices for patients. As a result, genetic counseling and testing for cancer risk syndromes is being recommended more for Adolescents and Young Adults with new cancer diagnoses, regardless of family history. - This research study to develop an intervention called AYA-RISE that aims to assist AYAs with cancer risk communication and decision-making around their caregivers.