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Doctor reviewing brain scans

What to know about brain tumors and brain cancer

Brain tumors are rare, scary and can be quite serious. UChicago Medicine experts Bakhtiar Yamini, MD, and Lauren Singer, MD, discuss how brain tumors and brain cancer are diagnosed and treated.

Pediatric gynecologists Dr. Shashwati Pradhan and Dr. Jessica Long

‘Gynecology doesn’t start at age 18’: Novel UChicago Medicine program handles complex pediatric cases

The University of Chicago Medicine has a unique specialty that helps girls up to age 22 with complex gynecological issues. The Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologic Surgery program is led by pediatric and adolescent gynecologists and surgeons Shashwati Pradhan, MD, and Jessica Long, MD.

Illustration of doctor in white coat with laptop consulting with patient

6 ways your primary care doctor can help you prevent cancer

Screening is the best way to catch several types of cancer early, and that's one the roles of a primary care physician. Learn how your PCP can help reduce your likelihood of developing the disease.

Close-up photograph of doctor's white coat with stethoscope and heart pin featuring LGBTQ pride flag

What to know about LGBTQ+ healthcare at UChicago Medicine

Learn how UChicago Medicine provides a breadth of services — including primary and gender-affirming care — designed to deliver a positive experience at every step of the care journey.