Offering a Full Scope of Feminizing and Masculinizing Surgeries

Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons, urologists, gynecologists and laryngeal surgeons can perform a wide range of feminizing and masculinizing operations to enhance your appearance and help you achieve harmony with your gender identity.

Our team is skilled in performing microsurgical procedures that can maximize sensation and function after gender-affirming surgery. Whenever possible, we use less invasive techniques to reduce pain and scarring and improve recovery time. We also routinely provide revision surgeries for patients with complications or concerns from previous surgeries, as well as patients with other health issues that may make them unable to have surgery at other hospitals.


To make an appointment, call 1-888-824-0200 and ask for the Trans CARE clinic.

Masculinizing Procedures

Feminizing Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

Transmasculine (Female to Male) Procedures

UChicago Medicine surgeons are highly respected across the globe for the advances we've made in transmasculine genital procedures and have extensive experience in other procedures for transgender males.

Transfeminine (Male to Female) Procedures

We provide a full range of transfeminine surgeries: