Our pediatric hematologists and oncologists provide the most advanced care available to children of all ages — from infancy to late teens — with all types of blood disorders. We provide the latest treatment approaches, including:

  • The most recent medications, including growth factors to stimulate blood cell production, recombinant clotting factors for hemophilia and immunoglobulin therapies (IVIgG and WinRho) for immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)

  • Transfusions of all types of blood products

  • Stem cell transplants, which can often cure disorders of the bone marrow or various blood cells

  • Minimally invasive surgery for children who need to have their spleens removed

  • Chronic disease management, including comprehensive education that helps families manage their child's disease and prevent complications

  • Supportive therapies, including chronic pain management and prophylactic antibodies

Our physicians are continuously asked to participate in — and often lead — national research trials by the National Institutes of Health and other respected organizations. The University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital is also a state of Illinois site for the screening of newborns for sickle cell anemia and other hemoglobinpathies.

Because of the innovative research conducted here, our patients may have access to new treatment options years before they are widely available elsewhere. For example, erythropoietin, a growth factor that stimulates production of red blood cells, was first isolated at the University of Chicago.

Comer Children's has all the latest tests for diagnosing blood diseases. Our hemato-pathologists are internationally respected for their ability to diagnose complicated blood diseases and cancers. Our hematopathologists and laboratory pathologists are internationally recognized for their expertise in white blood cell diseases (including leukemias) and platelets abnormalities. They are regularly asked to consult on complicated cases.

Comer Children's has a long history of providing care for newborns and children with sickle cell anemia. Our program currently provides care for more than 400 children and their families.

All of our sickle cell patients are followed by an expert team of specialists, including a pediatric hematologist and an advanced practice nurse.

We were the first hospital in the Chicago area to offer a pediatric stem cell transplant program. Our specialists are at the forefront of finding ways to expand the donor pool for stem cell transplants, making this life-saving treatment available to more children. We offer multiple approaches to stem cell transplants, including — cord blood, allogeneic and autologous transplants — for children with:

  • Aplastic anemia

  • Hemoglobinopathies, including sickle cell anemia

  • Cancers, including leukemias and solid tumors

  • Genetic disorders, such as immunodeficiency syndromes, osteoporosis and metabolic storage diseases

The success of a stem cell transplant relies heavily on a hospital's ability to support a child through the side effects of aggressive chemotherapy. It requires a superior pediatric intensive care unit, top-notch infectious disease specialists, and other knowledgeable staff — all of which we have here at Comer Children's.

Several of our physicians specialize in the care of patients with heritable blood diseases and cancers. Learn more about the Familial Cancer Clinic.