The UChicago Medicine Supply Chain is committed to the communities that we serve. We work hard to identify, develop and support suppliers and job growth within our communities, and we hold all suppliers to the same expectations. We challenge them to improve themselves in order to meet the demanding quality, cost, technology and service needs of our organization and work together to deliver the best possible care and experience for our patients.

We strive to be the best health care provider supply chain. Our goal is to be one of the best in any industry by ensuring the right products, services and equipment are always delivered to the right place at the right time. We are also committed to delivering the best quality with the lowest total cost.

Our Approach to Great Work

How we do it:

  • Efficient - Minimizing waste/non-value add, improving flow, maintaining consistency and having standard work
  • Responsive - Offering quick, nimble customer service
  • Cost Effective - Delivering competitive pricing, effective spend management and value analysis

Why we do it:

We are always driving value for our patients and advance the mission of the organization through healing, teaching and discovery. Learn more about our approach.

Supplier Diversity and Inclusion

Today, UChicago Medicine's business diversity is fully integrated into every aspect of our supply chain. Utilizing the most creative and innovative talents in the marketplace helps us to better serve our patients, families and communities.

The business diversity program leverages the strength of the minority- and women-owned business (M/WBE) community to improve the quality of our care, the sustainability of our enterprise and our value as a community and business partner by:

  • Insuring an inclusive sourcing process to increase competition that drives innovation and cost savings
  • Identifying mutually beneficial business relationships to foster business partnerships
  • Leverage our leadership position to spur economic growth for minority- and women-owned business

Diversity Metric

Supply Chain Vision 2025

Our vision centers on being an eminent supply chain team recognized for innovation and problem solving that delivers exceptional value and enables UChicago Medicine to be at the forefront of discovery, advanced education, clinical innovation and delivery of transformative health care. Learn more about our supply chain vision.

Community Involvement

Supplier Diversiy & Local Spend Awards

Diversity Certifications Accepted

Diversity Certification Logos