Valerie Jarrett to lead expanded Board of University of Chicago Medical Center

June 14, 2006: The Trustees of the University of Chicago and the University of Chicago Hospitals have passed measures designed to better integrate governance and operations. The new governance model expands the purview of the Hospitals Board to include not just the activities of the Hospitals, but also clinical medical programs located in the University's Division of the Biological Sciences.

$10 million from Duchossois family to support cancer research

June 6, 2006: The Duchossois family, longtime champions of science and medicine at the University of Chicago, has made a donation of $10 million to support research on cancer and the study of metastasis at the university.

Small naps a big help for yound docs on long shifts

June 5, 2006: The first study to assess the benefits of naps for medical residents during extended shifts found that creating protected times when interns could sleep during a night on-call significantly reduced fatigue.