The Prevent Anal Cancer Palpation Study

  • Interventional
  • Recruiting
  • NCT04090060

Determining the Accuracy of Self and Partner Anal Exams for Detecting Anal Abnormalities.

Anal cancer is a common cancer among men having sex with men (MSM). We will investigate increasing detection of anal canal tumors through self- or partner-palpation of the anal canal among MSM and trans persons. This study in Houston and Chicago will recruit a sample of 100 couples (i.e., 200 partners) and 600 single persons (one-half HIV-positive), aged ≥ 25 years, who will be taught to perform an ASE or ACE. After performing the exam in private, the individual's ASE and partner's ACE will then be compared with a clinician's DARE. The assessment will be done at each of two visits, spaced 6-months apart. One-half of persons will be randomized to a practice condition to assess how practice affects accuracy and retention of exam procedure. Our hypothesis is that both ASE and ACE at visit 1 will have ≥70% sensitivity and ≥90% specificity using the clinician DARE as the gold standard at each of two visits.