Monitoring Plasma Tumor DNA in Early-Stage Breast Cancer

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  • NCT02743910

Plasma Tumor DNA and Pathologic Complete Response in Early-Stage, High-Risk Breast Cancer

This study is being done to see if it is possible to use blood samples to predict response to treatment in breast cancer patients receiving preoperative (or neoadjuvant) therapy. Research has shown that most breast cancers release tumor-specific DNA into the blood (that is, DNA that is specific to the tumor cells or cancer). This DNA can be detected in blood testing known as plasma tumor-DNA or "ptDNA." This DNA is separate from that found in the blood and tissue samples which serve as the "instruction book" or "genetic code" for the cells that make-up the human body. The changes in ptDNA before and after treatment, as well as after surgery, may also help investigators to understand more about a patient's risk of cancer returning and long-term outcomes.