Please consider the following suggestions before coming to the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital. For more information, talk to your child’s nurse or physician.

Taking Time Off Work & Arranging for Child Care

On the day of your child’s admission and other days as needed, make arrangements to take time off from your job and find child care for other children you may have at home.

Blood Donation

Family members or friends who have a compatible blood type may donate blood at least one week in advance of your child’s scheduled surgery. All donor blood is carefully tested to assure safety. Call 773-702-6247 for more information.

Overnight Accommodations

Staying Overnight in Your Child’s Room

Hospitalized children often benefit from having a parent stay the night with them, so we provide comfortable reclining chairs and pullout beds in each private room. If you would like to stay overnight in your child’s hospital room, please check first with your child’s nurse.

Other Hospital Accommodations

Parents whose children are in the Intensive Care Units have the option of spending the night in facilities that are located very close by. 


During treatment, patients and their families may receive a discount at many Chicago hotels. If you need help in arranging accommodations for your family, your pediatric patient liaison will be happy to assist you.

Ethics Consultation

Some decisions about a child’s health can be difficult to make. If you are facing difficult decisions about your child’s health, you may want to consult with the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at 773-702-1453 as well as your child’s physician and health care team.

Additional Family Support Services

Your child’s care team tries to anticipate your needs during your child’s stay at Comer Children’s. Some of the additional services they can provide are:

  • Interpreters for language, including American Sign Language
  • Opportunities for individual and group play for your child and his/her brothers and sisters
  • Patient support coupled with support for your entire family, all of whom may be experiencing stress related to your child’s medical condition
  • Spiritual support from hospital chaplains
  • Educational experiences for your child from a certified teacher
  • Assistance with pain management

Contact your child’s nurse or patient liaison about any of these services and other services you might need.