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How do you teach advancing health equity? Improv may be a (serious) answer

Published Tue 11/8/22

Improv teaches emotional intelligence and listening skills. A pilot program at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine has attracted national attention.


What does improv comedy have to do with medicine?

Published Tue 9/22/20

Improv is a trendy topic in medical education, as more schools and teaching hospitals recognize the potential benefits. Find out how it's practiced at University of Chicago, both in the medical school at at The Revival in Hyde Park.


Improv comedy helps heal young patients

Published Tue 10/24/17

Inside patient Allissa Boyer’s room, a trio of improvisational performers transport the 9-year-old using their improv magic. “What’s a place that we could be? It could be anywhere,” says one performer. “On the moon?” peeps Allissa, her mom watching, with a smile. “On the moon!” the group throws their arms up in excitement. “We’re goin’ to the moon, baby,” calls another improv leader. And for the next half hour, the improve team, the patient and her mother are no longer in a hospital room. They’re on a magic elevator to cloud world and circus land, on the moon and shopping for new outfits. Every Wednesday at UChicago Medicine’s Comer Children’s Hospital, Humor for Hope, a small group of performers takes to the stage to spark a smile that often erupts into laughter from many of the children there to help them get better. Many of the children are coping with trauma, acute, chronic and terminal illnesses.


"The Excited State" mixes comedy and science live in Hyde Park

Published Thu 2/28/19

A statistician, a physicist and a medical student walk into a bar ... and fill the seats for science-themed improv shows.


​The Art of Explaining: A day with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science

Published Tue 2/6/18

On January 29th UChicago hosted a workshop that discussed the importance of clear communication and utilized improv techniques to showcase the many ways conversational barriers can be broken down.