Our team has compiled reading recommendations and a glossary to help support you and your family in your post-PICU transition.

"Your Child’s Recovery: A Parent’s Guide For The Child With A Life-Threatening Illness"
by Barbara A. Dailey

This book covers a lot of information from the parent’s role in a child’s recovery or adjustment to a life threatening illness to telling friends and family about the illness.

"Living Well With My Serious Illness"
by Marge Eaton Heegaard

This creative and interactive guided journal is for patients ages 6-12. It helps kids understand their illness, share fears and concerns, and learn appropriate self-care.

"Young People and Chronic Illness"
by Kelly Huegel

Teens with different chronic illnesses share their stories of diagnosis and the struggles they faced. It also lists websites (specific to each diagnosis) for further information and support groups.

"Trauma Through a Child's Eyes: Awakening the Ordinary Miracle of Healing"
by Peter Levine

This is a guide for recognizing, preventing and healing childhood trauma with ideas of what parents, educators and health professionals can do.


This is a website created by experts for patients and families of intensive care unit (ICU) survivors. Thrive has more information on what to expect after you leave the ICU, including videos and links to outside websites. The site also has tips for coping with stress, including a guided meditation and platforms to connect with other patients and families online and in person.


This site has information specifically about life after a stay in the PICU and has information specific for patients, parents, siblings and teens. It also contains a list of resources for families, including resources in Spanish.

American Academy of Pediatrics

This website has a wealth of information if you are looking to learn more about specific diseases or treatments. There is also up-to-date information on how to keep your child healthy. Also see HealthyChildren.org for more parent-specific information.

American Cancer Society
This website contains information on cancer care, research, and support for cancer patients and their families, in addition to survivorship resources.

American Diabetes Association
This website has information about diabetes for parents and kids. Learn more about the disease, and find tips on food, exercise, school, and much more, including information specifically for Type 1 diabetes — the most common kind in kids.

This website includes basics about asthma, tips for managing asthma and links to an online support community from the American Lung Association.