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Comer Children’s Comprehensive Immune Deficiency and Dysregulation (CIDD) Clinic provides multi-disciplinary care in a single patient visit, with the goals of providing disease expertise, creating a distinct educational environment, as well as laying a foundation for advanced human immunology research.

What We Treat

Inborn errors of immunity (IEI), previously known as primary immunodeficiency disorders (PIDs or PIDDs), are rare genetic disorders that result in defects of the immune system. There are now greater than 450 disorders classified as IEIs with approximately 20 new disorders discovered annually. The number of patients diagnosed with an IEI is growing likely secondary to disease discovery and greater recognition of these disorders.

Patients seen in this clinic include those with primary immune disorders such as:

  • Autoinflammatory disorders
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Immune dysregulatory disorders
  • Antibody deficiencies
  • Phagocyte defects
  • Bone marrow failures

We also evaluate patients with:

  • Suspected immune dysregulation
  • Hematologic defects including acute and chronic cytopenias
  • Early onset or very early onset inflammatory bowel disease
  • Concerning or unique infectious complications
  • Other medical conditions that could have an impact on the immune system (such as ataxia telangiectasia, DiGeorge syndrome, cancer predisposition syndromes)

Diagnosis, Evaluation & Treatment

Our highly experienced experts utilize sophisticated diagnostic tools to evaluate and identify the type of immune disorder. These tools include detailed studies of lymphocytes and other white blood cells, bone marrow aspirate and biopsy, molecular analysis and DNA sequencing.

We design a care plan tailored to each patient. Treatment may include a combination of the following strategies.

Expert management of infections through skilled use of anti-infective medications.

Intravenous infusions of antibodies that boost a child's immune system.

Transplantation of donated healthy blood stem cells to restore the blood-forming cells of the bone marrow in order to create a new immune system for the patient. Other types of cell replacement therapy may also be considered.

At Comer Children's, we are always studying and developing new therapeutic approaches.

Multidisciplinary Clinic

We bring you the best minds in clinical immunology, hematology, oncology, cellular transplant and infectious diseases in one convenient clinic — streamlining your child's care, getting you answers quickly and offering access to the latest treatment options.


The CIDD Clinic welcomes any referral to identify if a patient of any age may be experiencing an underlying immune related disease process.

Please contact or (773) 834-8617 for referrals and consultations.

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Inborn errors of immunity (IEI)