When your child is admitted to the hospital, it's stressful for your entire family. That's why the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital was designed for family-centered care. From our large, private rooms with in-room sleeping accommodations for parents to the healing garden, Family Care Center and our Family Learning Center, we are prepared to serve your entire family's concerns and needs. We hope our care gives your family more time to focus on the health and well-being of your child.

Child Life Program offer opportunities for educational, developmental and therapeutic programs, which include art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, medical bingo, a cooking program and more. If children are too ill to come to the playroom, events are telecast to the rooms so they won't miss out. Volunteers also bring toys, books and games to children's bedsides.

Family-Friendly Features

In-Room Sleeping Accommodations for Parents

Comer Children's provides families with many comforts of home while staying with their children. Each patient room has a queen-size sofa bed and recliner so family members don't have to leave their child's side. A small refrigerator in every room lets children and families keep their own snacks.

Nurses in Sight

Nurse charting alcoves are located outside patient rooms with one alcove for every two rooms. The alcoves are surrounded by glass, which allows nurses a direct view into a child's room. This improves patient care and comfort by making the staff more visible to children and families.

Bedside Admissions

Our admission process is streamlined, reducing stress for both family and patient. Requests for admission are electronic. An admission representative comes to the child's bedside. With all transactions occurring in the patient's room, everyone can become oriented to their room and the amenities offered. The representative places a follow-up telephone call to the family within 24 to 48 hours after admission to make sure all questions have been answered.

Family Care Center

The Family Care Center is located on the second floor and includes laundry facilities and a vending machine area. Also, there is a family kitchen located on the sixth floor.

Family Learning Center

Located on the main floor, the Family Learning Center is a resource area for parents and caregivers. It provides computers with internet access, books, videos and other tools for learning about childhood health and illnesses. The center offers educational and supportive services that include training for post-hospital care, preventive and wellness education, information about recreational opportunities and places to stay in the Chicago area. It also has reading games, computer games and videos for patients and their siblings.

Spiritual Care and Piccolo Chapel

The Department of Pastoral Care provides interfaith, compassionate and sensitive care to patients and families. The staff fully supports each person or family that requests such help, using the individual faith of the family as the basis of this support. Our chapel is located on the main floor, yet it is set back from mainstream traffic for peace and privacy.

Chaplains are available at Comer Children's around the clock to attend to your unique spiritual and emotional needs during your journey.