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Gladbachus adentatus, a 385 million-year-old shark fossil studied by Michael Coates
Ancient fossil adds to the shark family tree

New analysis of a 385 million-year-old fossil is helping build out the shark family tree. And based on its odd assortment of features from both sharks and bony fishes, scientists now think we can push back the date for humanity’s last common ancestor with great whites to 440 million years ago.

​Researchers receive $500,000 grant to study the “microbiome of death”

Jack Gilbert from the Microbiome Center at the University of Chicago and researchers from Alabama State have received a two-year grant to study the microbiome of decomposing bodies. The project will develop tools to help determine the time and cause of death by identifying patterns of bacterial growth in a corpse's internal organs after death.

Immunotherapy: Using the body's immune system to fight cancer

UChicago Medicine researchers are helping to lead the way for therapies that use the body's immune system to revolutionize the way we treat cancer.