Definitive Diagnosis for Pediatric Epilepsy

Experts at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital have the skill, experience and technology to make a definitive epilepsy diagnosis, which is essential to developing the best treatment plan for your child.

At our Pediatric Epilepsy Center, specialists analyze results from your child's comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to:

  • Confirm or determine the definitive diagnosis
  • Determine which type of seizure your child is experiencing
  • Identify the cause of the seizures your child is experiencing
  • Pinpoint the origin (also called the focus or source) of your child's seizures
  • Identify the area or areas of the brain affected by your child's seizures

This is all valuable information that helps our team of experts recommend effective treatment options to control your child's seizures.

Comprehensive Evaluation & Testing for Pediatric Epilepsy

We conduct a thorough evaluation using diagnostic tests to gain as much knowledge as we can about your child's seizures. We offer testing even if your child has already been diagnosed with epilepsy.

We ask questions about your child's and your immediate family members' medical history. We also want to know as much as we can about your child’s seizures. Since he or she may not remember much, we want to gather information about the seizure symptoms from someone who was present when the seizure or seizures occurred.

As best you can, be prepared to answer questions like:

  • When did the seizure or seizures occur?
  • What symptoms did your child experience?
  • How long did the symptoms last?

The results of a physical exam can help us determine whether specific parts of your child’s brain are working properly. For example, if a child's reflexes are not normal, it may indicate that some parts of the brain aren’t working as expected, which could help guide us to a specific diagnosis.

As a part of your child's complete evaluation, we may perform speech and auditory processing evaluations to help us understand what types of treatment may be the most beneficial to your child.

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