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Ovarian Cancer and Ovarian Mass Treatment

From diagnosis to long-term therapies and surveillance, our multidisciplinary team will design and coordinate a treatment plan optimized for your individual needs.

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Our Comprehensive Approach to Ovarian Cancer Care

Our patients also benefit from our investigations into the biology of ovarian cancer and our participation in efforts to detect the disease sooner and find novel treatments. The UChicago Medicine ovarian cancer research program is one of the largest and most active in the country. All of our specialists are researchers aggressively working toward finding a cure in the laboratory or identifying new, effective treatments through the implementation of clinical trials.

Our Team Is Your Team

UChicago Medicine brings together a multidisciplinary team of specialists to support you throughout your experience. From risk reduction and prevention planning to survivorship resources, your quality of life remains a top priority.

Learn more about comprehensive ovarian cancer care at UChicago Medicine.

Access to Emerging Treatment Strategies

All of our patients have access to advanced treatment options through ovarian cancer clinical trials offered through the National Cancer Institute and the pharmaceutical industry. This includes Phase I clinical trials, the earliest studies of new medications or protocols typically available only at select hospitals nationwide.

Expertise in Minimally Invasive and Radical Debulking Surgical Techniques

Minimally invasive surgery is performed through tiny incisions. Gynecologic oncologists at UChicago Medicine are trained in the latest techniques and, whenever possible, use minimally invasive approaches — including laparoscopic and robotic surgery — to reduce pain, scarring, and tissue damage, speed recovery, and maintain fertility. When open surgery is necessary, our surgeons are equally skilled at the aggressive removal of all visible cancer — which is critical to a potential cure.

Managing Personal and Genetic Risk

For women with elevated personal or hereditary risk, we offer ongoing surveillance to detect ovarian cancer and start treatment as early as possible. Our experts will also work with you to develop your personalized prevention strategy.

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Ovarian Cancer