Collecting and Storing Biological Samples From Patients With Ewing Sarcoma

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A COG Study for Collecting and Banking Ewing Sarcoma Specimens

This research study is collecting and storing samples of tumor tissue, bone marrow, and blood from patients with Ewing sarcoma. Collecting and storing samples of tumor tissue, bone marrow, and blood from patients with cancer to test in the laboratory may help the study of cancer in the future.


     I. Collect biological specimens, including associated demographic and clinical data, from patients with Ewing sarcoma.

     II. Provide a repository for long-term storage of Ewing sarcoma-related biological materials.

     III. Make collected specimens available to qualified researchers to understand the biology of Ewing sarcoma and correlate these results with demographic and clinical data.

     OUTLINE: This is a multicenter study.

     Patients undergo collection of tumor specimens, bone marrow, and peripheral blood at diagnosis. Associated demographic and clinical data are collected and archived. Patients who are not enrolled on a therapeutic clinical trial are followed annually.


Age Group
21 Years and under

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Inclusion Criteria:

         - Diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma, including peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor and Askin tumor

             - Newly diagnosed or recurrent disease

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National Government IDNCT00899990


Lead SponsorChildren's Oncology Group

Lead PhysicianSusan Cohn


21 Years and under